Tokyo Keiki PR-9000 Autopilot

Tokyo Keiki

The Tokyo Keiki PR-9000 Autopilot is the latest autopilot system from Tokyo Keiki. The PR-9000 was designed using the latest technology from a wealth of engineering and manufacturing experience of navigational instruments. Safety, accuracy, and reliability of information have been enhanced in our model lineup thereby improving situational awareness and navigational safety for vessels.

It is possible to control a straight route with the PR-9000 without having to connect it to the Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS). With autopilot (HCS), the ship follows the direction of the set course, but influence from the tide or heavy seas can move the ship off course prior to arrival at the destination which in turn increases the navigation distance. Due to this external influence, small steering changes must be performed in order for the ship to return to the original course, and that is where the Tokyo Keiki PR-9000 Autopilot comes into play.

The Tokyo Keiki PR-9000 Autopilot has a new Route Control Function (ACE), a route is automatically created on the heading between the current position and the destination outside disturbances (tides, etc.) are calculated, and the most efficient rudder controls are implemented making it possible for the vessel to sail on the newly designated route.



  • Alert messaging screen
  • Rudder angle indicator / rate of turn display
  • avoidance operating procures
  • Recovery operation procedures
  • And much more

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