Navitron NT921 MKII Autopilot

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Navitron NT921 MKII Autopilot is specifically designed for small professional vessel use the NT921 MKII Autopilot provides a powerful combination of steering system control and interface facilities based on extremely intelligent Control Unit which is clearly marked and simple to operate. 

Straightforward operation is a key feature of the NT921 MKII thus operator controls are kept to a minimum and are clearly identified by control panel markings which are red backlit for night viewing via a variable intensity illumination control. A conventionally marked Course Setter provides simple course selection backed up by dedicated LCD displays of heading and rudder

angle information which, combined with other indicators, provide permanent visual confirmation of Autopilot status and performance.

When connected to receive Cross Track Error (CTE) or Heading Steer Command (HSC) data transmitted from a proprietary source (GPS, Track Plotter System etc) the RadioNav section may be engaged by simple switch operation (OFF/LO/HI) to ‘track’ steer between predetermined waypoints stored in the GPS / Trackplotter. Suitable for console or bracket mounting, the NT921 MKII Control Unit is intended for wheelhouse location and is immediately compatible with GPS compasses transmitting NMEA 0183 heading data in addition to being supplied complete with Heading Sensor Coil and Rudder Reference Unit for installation to solenoid hydraulic systems.



  • Dual Channel Heading Inputs- NMEA 0183
  • Built-in radio navigator interface
  • Fully automatic stability compensation for variations in rudder speed
  • Three heading output channels for radar stabilization

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