Raytheon Anschutz PilotStar D (End of Life)

*This product has reached end of life, but is still being supported. Reach out to a customer representative for more information and replacement products.*

Although Raytheon Anschutz PilotStar D is no longer manufactured, Mackay Marine is committed to servicing this product for as long as necessary. The replacement product, which features substantial upgrades, is the Raytheon PilotStar NX Autopilot.

Below is a product description, including facts and features of the legacy, PilotStar D:

Raytheon Anschutz PilotStar Dis the professional autopilot recommended for all classes of ships up to 120 m in length. Due to most advanced steering algorithms PilotStar D is well known in the market for its excellent steering performance, accuracy and reliability. PilotStar D is used in heading or track control in combination with an external navigation receiver. It can easily be adapted manually or by predefined parameter sets to the current environmental or ship condition and adapts automatically to ships speed. A constant rudder trim can be defined to compensate for drift. FIX TURN allows to perform a definable heading change to port or starboard by simply clicking a button – an important feature for workboats. PilotStar D offers various interfaces that make an installation on new buildings and retrofit applications quick and simple.

Heading is input from magnetic compass (as NMEA telegram or via magnetic compass sonde) and gyro compass. Speed information is input as pulse or serial telegram. In addition the autopilot provides an interface for a central alarm system. An alarm is transferred to the central alarm panel and can be muted remotely. A steering repeater can be connected directly to PilotStar D to display both, the heading of magnetic or gyro compass.

Employing advanced steering algorithms enable excellent steering performance, accuracy and reliability.  PilotStar D is used in heading or track control along with an external navigation receiver.


  • Manual or automatic adaption to ships speed by predefined parameters of current environmental or ship conditions.
  • Initiate FIX TURN with a “click of a button” particularly beneficial for workboats.
  • Multiple Interface options enable simple installation on new build or retrofit applications

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