Raytheon Anschutz NautoPilot 60 (End of Life)


*This product has reached end of life, but is still being supported. Reach out to a customer representative for more information and replacement products.*

Raytheon Anschutz NautoPilot 60 is a highly precise autopilot in course and track control, with versatility to adjust for specific vessels.   Superior steering performance ensures safe and reliable navigation and is approved as heading controller for high-speed crafts. Automatic adaptation feature of the ships speed and the built-in intelligence allows for efficient use of the steering gear, thus extending the life of the system & reducing fuel consumption.

The NP 60 can be operated in heading control and track steer­ing. Due to the automatic adaptation to the ships speed and the built­in intelligence, the NP 60 caters for an efficient use of the steering gear reducing wear and fuel consumption. With the push of a button you can change between working modes – e.g. from transit to trawling. But the NP 60 will also assist you in manual steering. With the predefined course changes are accom­plished to port or starboard. This feature can be used during fishing to steer the ship in a meander ­course. Follow­up and non-­follow­up tillers can be connected to the NautoPilot 60. These tillers are equipped with a take­over function to take over the control from the autopilot and vice versa.

In an emergency situation a dodge maneuver can be performed directly from the NP 60 or via the follow­up and non-follow­up tillers. The point of control is always indicated in the display of the NP 60. A watch alarm is user definable. It can be reset directly from the NP 60 or by use of a remote panel. An audible and visible alarm is given if the limits in heading control or track steering are ex­ceeded or speed and heading sensor information are disturbed.

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