Raytheon Anschutz NautoPilot 5000

Raytheon Anschutz NautoPilot 5000 series is Raytheon Anschütz‘s brand-new autopilot series, and is the successor to the NautoPilot® 2000 series with enhanced performance & reliability.

All main functions are operated via hard keys and all secondary functions via touch screen. The large graphical display ensures a clearly arranged presentation of information. The menu structure is clear and transparent. You will feel familiar with the Raytheon Anschutz NautoPilot 5000 after a few minutes due to its intuitive operating philosophy.

An unique feature for the new NP 5000 is the Acceleration Monitor. It monitors the cross acceleration of a ship and provides a warning if a user defined threshold is exceeded. Thus, NP 5000 increases safety for life, ship and cargo. Damages or accidents are avoided due to this unique feature of NP 5000.
Often Heading Control and Course Control are used synchronously. But in fact it is significant difference for navigation. In Heading Control it is necessary to compensate for drift manually. To overcome this disadvantage Raytheon Anschütz introduces the new Course Control mode. No manual drift corrections are required as the Raytheon Anschutz NautoPilot 5000 steers the vessel on a course over ground line. This leads to a more precise steering especially if wind or drift affects the vessel.


  • Precise steering performance
  • Ease of use – large graphic touch screen with intuitive menus
  • Adaptive autopilot to the current weather and sea conditions
  • Economy Mode reduces rudder activity for fuel efficiency
  • Integrated Heading and Rudder Plotter

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