Yokogawa PT900 Autopilot


The Yokogawa PT900 Autopilot can save you time, money, and effort. Find out if the PT900 suits your needs. Contact Mackay to learn more.

PT900 Autopilot fully conforms to the technical requirements of the IMO MSC64(67) Annex3, Heading control system performance standards, and improves the economic efficiency, safety, usability and extensibility. This Autopilot can be adapted from small vessels to large vessels. It is available in two models:
  • Model: PT900A (ADAPTIVE)
  • Model: PT900D (PID)

Equipped with a 7-inch color LCD display
Maneuvering and configuration data are displayed on one screen, significantly improving visibility. Adoption of a touch-panel display enables easy and intuitive operation. Significant improvement in fuel savings. Incorporates the fuel-saving heading control function “BNAAC” and the fuel saving course control function “E-COurse Pilot” into the main unit. (BNAAC is fitted as standard to PT900A, and E-COurse Pilot is optional for all series models).

Easy scalability of the system. Adopts inter-device networks.Conforms to the standards for classification of ships of respective countries, and easily caters to diverse specifications.Improved lineup of products. Like the present PT500 series, two models are available: PT900D with basic PID type, and PT900A with adaptive type, which are effective for fuel saving.Type Approval in: Japan(JG), EU(MED:Wheelmark), China(CCS)


  • 7-inch color LCD Display
  • Improvement in furl savings
  • Easy scalability of networks
  • Conforms to the standards for classification of ships of respective countries

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