FarSounder Argos 1000 3D Forward Looking Sonar


FarSounder Argos 1000 Forward Looking Sonar navigation systems are the only products capable of generating a true, 3-dimensional image ahead of a vessel at navigationally significant ranges. The FarSounder Argos 1000 has an increased Field of View compared to the FarSounder Argos 500, and it is operational at faster speeds.

FarSounder navigation products offer an added degree of safety for passenger vessels such as ferries and cruise ships. Exploration vessels operating in remote areas of the world are especially vulnerable to ice and shallow shoals while also far from rescue ships. In addition, the FarSounder 360º security Ship Protection System offers security and peace of mind to passengers while at anchor in foreign ports.


  • Additional 1000m x 60 degree view compared to FarSounder Argos 500
  • Forward Looking 3-D Display
  • Chart Overlay Mapping
  • Integration into 3rd-Party ECDIS
  • Operational Speed up to 25 Knots

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