FarSounder Argos 500 3D Forward Looking Sonar


FarSounder Argos 500 Forward Looking Sonar navigation systems are the only products capable of generating a true, 3-dimensional image ahead of a vessel at navigationally significant ranges.

Since the Company’s inception, FarSounder has recognized the need to supply the high end yacht market with a valuable navigation tool. FarSounder’s navigation products allow you to navigate shallow reefs and shoals with safety and confidence and let you into the most secluded waters.

Now FarSounder’s state-of-the-art Ship Protection System offers 360º protection while your yacht is at anchor. This fixed installation, no moving parts system offers Zero Time to Deploy, Zero Time to Secure™ protection while also offering navigation capabilities while underway.


  • Forward Looking Display
  • 3-D Imagery
  • Chart Overlay Mapping
  • Integration into 3rd Party ECDIS
  • Operational Speed up to 20 Knots

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