Furuno FE800 IMO Echo Sounder


Furuno FE-800 IMO Echo Sounder is technically and environmentally advanced (non-consumable operation vs paper sounders).  Echo sounders enable safe navigation by detecting a ship’s clearance (critical in shallow waters); as required by IMO standards on SOLAS Convention ships.

The basic system consists of an easy-to-read 8.4″ high-contrast color LCD display unit offering various mode options (NAV, OS DATA and HISTORY), a distribution box, and a transducer.

Detection range is automatically varied or manually selected to the required scale. The displayed record is visible for 15 minutes with 24 hour storage of depths, associated time, and position, with play back options.

Visual and audible alarms are generated when the water depth is shallower than a user-preset depth and conversely, when the seabed is lost.  Receiver depth sensitivity can be automatically controlled or manual adjusted.


  • Dual frequency display 50/200 kHz – 50kHz for deeper range, 200kHz rough weather or congested shallow waterways, typically.
  • FORE / AFT display options
  • Detection range 800m
  • When interfaced with FURUNO remote display RD-20/50, depth info can be observed remotely
  • BAM (Bridge Alert Management)- ready, meets specific requirements for alerts and interconnection,  IMO MSC.302 (87)
  • Depth data output via ports and/or Ethernet connection to VDR & other equipment
  • Optional PC data recording software and printer interface – store, compile, playback for 24 hours, and print past echogram data via PC (printer PP-505-FE)

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