JRC JFE-680 Echo Sounder (End of Life)


*This product has reached end of life, but is still being supported. Reach out to a customer representative for more information and replacement products.*

JRC JFE-680 Echo Sounder incorporates new depth data technology, bringing customers highly accurate and reliable read-out functionality, contributing to enhanced safety and navigation at sea; fulfills IMO regulations (echo-sounder required on all passenger ships and 300GT+ cargo ships).

JFE-680’s high visibility larger color TFT display enables significant sub-aqua clarity with choice of 8 colors or levels of monochrome echo-views and printer adaptability for physical recording of ship’s log. JRC’s enhanced depth data technology, provides three modes; allowing for retrieval of depth data (standard & docking stored 24 hours, history-mode maintains all memorized data).

JRC’s new standard in navigation echo sounding incorporates a 10.4-inch high visibility color display. The innovative display modes allows you to select and view echoes in 8 colors or 8 levels of monochrome. The all-in-one JFE-680 echo sounder has a system-integrated thermal printer, providing the ship’s log with valuable printouts if required.

Flexible installation and simple configuration as JRC’s proven echo-sounder predecessors, the JFE680 Echo Sounder is easy to use, with improved ergonomics and adaptable for seamless retrofitting or integrated into new-build bridge design.

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