Skipper GDS101 Echo Sounder (End of Life)


*This product has reached end of life, but is still being supported. Reach out to a customer representative for more information and replacement products.*

Skipper GDS101 (Graphic Depth Sounder) Echo Sounder System is a highly reliable universal echo sounder with advanced functionality, that is easy-to-use and install.

The GDS101 stores data from the last 24 hours including depth, time, date, position, course and speed in its internal memory. The echo sounder’s rugged and robust design can be operated as a single or dual frequency unit.   For fast and cost effective service, an optional selection between the standard tank transducer and the gate valve transducer is available


  • Large 10.4″ graphic super twist color backlit LCD display
  • Operation via soft keys, fixed function buttons and knobs for easy adjustments
  • Individual adjustable depth ranges and selectable units
  • Intuitive operation in six languages
  • Status and oscilloscope screen for easy diagnostics
  • Inputs for speed log, heading sensor, navigation receiver
  • Outputs for repeater indicators, VDR, printer, alarm panel and computer system

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