Simrad GC50/80/85 Gyro Compass


Simrad GC50/80/85 Gyro Compass are fully IMO approved for standard and High Speed Craft ; with options for Dual and Expanded gyro compass system configuration.  Employing the newest technology enables the highest possible accuracy, stability, and assuring effective operations under the most harsh conditions, with is fully sealed sensitive element. The Simrad GC80 gyro compass is the ideal solution for the advanced DP system needed in offshore industry and other similar applications.

IMO approved for both standard vessels and high speed craft, the simple and quick installation and set-up, and the fact that there is no annual servicing required, makes Simrad gyro systems the best solution for any 24/7 operator. The small and compact “all in one” RGC50 gyro compass is designed for smaller vessels and non-IMO applications. A gyro compass eliminates the inconvenience and limitations of magnetic compasses, and provides a variety of outputs to supply accurate and consistent heading information to other navigation equipment.
Gyro Compass GC80 System Flexibility

Wide range of control units enable unique configuration for new or retrofit installation.  Interfaces are easily expanded to provide signals for all vessel applications. The distribution of power and heading signals from the control units allows for practical installation and easy retrofit.


  • Maintenance free gyro
  • 30k hour calculated MTTF (>70k observed)
  • Compact, Expanded, and Dual control versions
  • HSC compliant (GC85)
  • NMEA/IEC, 24V Step, and Analog ROT outputs
  • No required annual servicing

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