Raytheon Standard 22 Gyro Compass (End of Life)


*This product has reached end of life, but is still being supported. It has been replaced by the Raytheon Standard 22 NX Gyro Compass. *

Raytheon Standard 22 Gyro Compass designed using the latest gyro compass technology, to provide the highest accuracy (+/- 0.1 degree)  and maximum reliability in all environmental conditions, long maintenance periods, and lowest operational costs. Operational safety of the gyro compass was dramatically increased using a patented data transmission technology.  Designed as a modular system to give customers the combination of features that best meet their requirements.

The Standard 22 combines proven technology and long maintenance intervals with advanced features. Its high quality, accuracy, reliability, and cost effectiveness over lifetime make the Standard 22 the most popular gyro compass in the market –sold for more than 18,000 times.
Anschütz gyro compasses are known for their superior accuracy and reliability even under harshest environmental conditions. With the Standard 22, operational safety was dramatically increased due to a patented data transmission technology that completely replaces the use of slip rings. Today its robust design makes Standard 22 the first choice for safety and performance sensitive vessels such as offshore / platform supply vessels, oil/chemical tankers or cruise ships.


  • Individual, manual and automatic speed / latitude error correction
  • Compass monitor & selector with automatic switch-over (configurable)
  • Independent transmitting magnetic compass
  • Integration of magnetic compass, GPS compass, FOG and external rate-of-turn gyro
  • IMO approved including high-speed craft
  • Ease of system Integration due to various interfaces and formats

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