Raytheon NautoScan NX Radar

The Raytheon NautoScan NX Radar transceivers distribute the radar raw video via Ethernet to an unlimited number of radar workstations on the bridge (depending on network setup). Pedestal and electronics have been carefully re-designed using state-of-the art and maintenance-free technology to contribute to trouble-free installation, fast and easy servicing and finally optimized cost of ownership.

The NautoScan NX radar consists of few standard components pedestal, antenna, LAN –only. This results in significant cost reduction: complex and expensive coax cables as well as interswitch boxes or additional auxiliary hardware are no longer needed.
In a single radar system the new transceivers distribute the raw radar video via LAN to the Small Marine Computer (SMC), which is the standard for all workstations. At the same time,
the NautoPlex collects data from all serial attached sensors and distributes the data to the SMC. In radar systems with two or more workstations, a second NautoPlex, a second switch and a respective number of SMCs is added to the system.
The new transceivers distribute the raw radar video through a Gigabit LAN to the bridge workstations – not only to avoid analogue technology losses and better performance in video display. Additionally, the distribution of radar signals via LAN allows for larger distances with simple extension using standard LAN infrastructure components. One of the major benefits of digital raw data distribution is to provide maximum flexibility for system design, inter-switching and functional upgrades. Furthermore, any transceiver can be controlled from any workstation, while maintaining operational integrity with a master/slave concept.


  • Redundant Gigabit LAN video distribution
  • Raw radar video processing for high flexibility and optimized performance
  • Cost reduction: State-of-the art technology, no coaxial-cable, less cabling effort, no inter-switch
  • Newly constructed and optimized components for a future-proof design with built-in reliability
  • Built-in test and fault indicator
  • Improved accessibility for simplified servicing
  • Entire system is designed for easier installation

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