Furuno FAR2157 / FAR2167DS Radar (End of Life)


*This product has reached end of life, but is still being supported. Reach out to a customer representative for more information and replacement products.*

Furuno FAR2157 (X-band) and FAR2167DS (S-band) are specific additions to the FAR2100 ARPA Radar Series, with software and hardware optimized for fishing operations, while still possessing all the standard functions of the FAR-21×7 series.

FAR2167DS (60 kW output power), has an advantage for commercial fishermen of detecting flocks of seabirds; it’s S-band  radar assures target recognition in adverse weather, whereas X-band is heavily affected by sea or rain clutter.

Radar systems consist of an antenna (8, 10, 12 (s-band) foot radiator selection), 20.1″ color LCD display, processor and control unit; BlackBox radar available if different monitor preferred.

Both radar incorporate state-of-the art signal/graphics processing technology together with auto tuning, logarithmic amplifiers and anti-clutter controls, for superb detection on all ranges. Thanks to its graphics processing technology, the echoes are expressively presented with 32 gradations in accordance with reflected echo strength. The anti-clutter controls suppress the unwanted echoes from waves, rain and clouds. The combination of these technologies ensures a clear image, even in rough seas.


  • Improved detection with new MIC & I/F amplifier
  • Digital Video Interface (DVI) enablung high quality radar images
  • Two independent X- and S-band radars can be inter-switched & up to four connectible radar systems
  • Ease-of-use: customizable function keys, trackball & rotary controls
  • Low spurious magnetrons meets ITU-R unwanted emission standards
  • Display up to 1000 AIS symbols & 100 ARPA targets acquisition
  • ARPA function standard (Speed & Heading input required)

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