Raytheon Anschutz Synapsis Radar


Raytheon Anschutz Synapsis Radar System provides excellent performance in collision avoidance and high reliability; noted as one of the most sensitive radars, even in rough weather.  Functionality exceeds IMO standard requirements.

Raytheon’s new solid state architecture integrates an advanced signal processing technology that detects and displays information at a new level. These dedicated signal processing circuits are producing higher capability than a magnetron radar, and greatly exceeding detection performance. The solid state has a (peak) power of 250 W, superseding a typical marine radar in which the magnetron has a 30 kW power output.

Standard hardware configuration allows for scalable system solutions. The navigation radar ensures easy integration of AIS, ECDIS / GPS, heading info, autopilot remote control, SENC-Data, conning and alarm contacts.  Integrated inter-switch offers easy access to all radar, with X & S-Band antenna configuration options.


  • Full ARPA functionality up to 70 targets
  • Reliable radar with superior detection capability
  • Sea Scout technology for collision avoidance
  • Innovative RainRate© anti-rain clutter function
  • Display AIS targets and additional target data
  • Optional autopilot remote control & chart radar function
  • PC-based processor, compact, and easy servicing
  • High resolution TFT colour display; wide-screen option
  • Deckstand, table top and black box configurations
  • Proven use for surveillance & offshore systems, 12 ft &18 ft X-band antennas

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