JRC JMA-900B Series Radar (End of Life)


*This product has reached end of life, but is still being supported. Reach out to a customer representative for more information and replacement products.*

JRC JMA-900B Series Radar combines JRC’s renowned radar and highly advanced ECDIS technology, providing reliable performance with greatly enhanced visual and situation awareness, while complying with IMO requirements.

The second generation and patented Constaview™ is realized through the use of two high-speed processors (in-house Tornado™ technology). All info gathered by the radar is fully processed within a few milliseconds before displayed, generating a smooth image rotation when sailing in Head-Up mode. When changing to North-Up, the new radar image is displayed without any delay
caused by the scanner rotation.
The AIS is an important key device used to indicate AIS target symbol and information. These targets are very useful, as it provides the maneuvering conditions of other ships at a glance, allowing for safe and effective navigation. The name of the vessels, and AIS targets bearing, range, speed, length, heading and much more AIS target specifics from other ships are received and displayed. The AIS symbols are continuously displayed on-screen without the influence of the radar characteristics. The AIS targets are never shielded by ground, rain or cloud reflections, nor are they eliminated by adjustments of anti-sea or anti-rain clutter.


  • 23−inch high visibility color LCD display
  • Constaview™ digital signal processing
  • TEF™ multi-level target enhancement
  • Enhanced AIS target detail capture & display
  • Built-in high performance ECDIS mode for backup
  • Advanced LAN interfacing

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