Rutter Sigma S6 Ice Navigator™


Rutter Sigma S6 Ice Navigator™ is a radar-based system that provides enhanced ice detection, tracking and analysis. The system can identify open water leads, ice bergs and ridges in ice fields. Ice Drift Analysis (IDA) is now an optional feature of Ice Navigator that gives operators unprecedented visibility and information on the movement of ice floes within X-band radar coverage. Capital expenditure and costs typically associated with activities in ice-threatened areas, can be dramatically offset.


  • The improvements in situational awareness enabled by Ice Navigator™ occur across a wide range of sea states, weather, and low light conditions — making the tactical information it provides essential for route planning and decision making.
  • Ice Drift Analysis helps ice-class vessels navigate through drift ice to optimize speed, efficiency, and safety when encountering ever-shifting sea ice conditions. Ice floe direction and speed are processed in real-time with floe size and formations so the most effective route plan can be plotted though the sea ice. This saves time, money and minimizes risk to vessels.
  • Ice Management. Ice-breaking operations benefit from the knowledge of direction and speed of floe in order to effectively cut an upstream grid. IACS high polar class ice-breaking vessels can reduce the floe size so that lesser class vessels and assets downstream will encounter smaller, less hazardous floes.

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