Rutter Sigma S6 WaveSignal™ 


Rutter Sigma S6 WaveSignal™ is a radar-based wave system that delivers real-time prediction of quiet period operational windows, providing valuable information to mariners.  Within a three-minute horizon, WaveSignal™ identifies quiet periods by displaying a simple red [stop] or a green [go] signal light indicating when to suspend or resume operations with confidence.

Operate with confidence when conducting on-deck or overside activities. A bridge display and companion deck signal panel let personnel know when wave quiet periods are approaching.


  • Now, it’s possible to look into the future to predict wave activity. WaveSignal™ takes situational awareness to a whole different level.
  • As a ‘bolt-on’ to most industry-standard marine radar, WaveSignal™ gives the user visibility into wave activity up to 180 seconds in advance.
  • WaveSignal™ predicts when quiet periods will occur for your operation.
  • A simple red or green light lets operators know, at a glance whether it’s safe to resume activities.



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