Rutter Sigma S6 WaMoS®II


Rutter Sigma S6 WaMoS® II is a radar-based, wave and surface current monitoring system that delivers real-time measurements while a vessel is underway, providing germane data to the local operational area.  High definition images of wave fields combined with numerical data and intuitive graphical reporting keep the operator well-informed in assessing environmental risk and identifying safe operational windows.

In a changing environment, sound decisions at sea require timely, accurate data. sigma S6 WaMoS® II is a pervasive, low maintenance sensor easily deployed to provide a real-time understanding of your marine environment. For ports, offshore installations, vessels, and institutional researchers, WaMoS® II is the world’s best-in-class wave and current monitoring radar. sigma S6 WaMoS® II mitigates the risks involved with offshore operations, providing superior real-time data to evaluate sea states and currents to determine maximum operating conditions have been exceeded.

  • Both as an alternative to or as a backup for buoys, WaMoS®II minimizes maintenance costs often associated with in-water assets.
  • As a ‘bolt-on’ to most industry-standard marine radar, WaMoS® II gives the user visibility into real-time wave and surface current information to aid in decision-making.
  • WaMoS® II measures and displays all the essential wave field parameters including:
    • Significant wave height (Hs)
    • Peak wave period (Tp)
    • Peak wave length (λp)
    • Peak wave direction (θp)
    • Surface current speed (U)
    • Surface current direction (θU)


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