Danelec DM100 L-VDR (End of Life)

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*This product has reached end of life, but is still being supported. Reach out to a customer representative for more information and replacement products.*

Danelec DM100 L-VDR (Light -Voyage Data Recorder) is intended for all marine vessels which are NOT required, per IMO,to install a VDR or S-VDR, but are in need of consistent documentation of the vessel’s voyage-related data. This information can also provide vital details in near-miss incidents, during docking/departure maneuvers, and in more severe marine accidents.

The only difference between Danelec’s DM100 L-VDR and a Standard S-VDR, is the L-VDR is NOT connected to a capsule. Apart from this, it operates exactly as an S-VDR and can record the same amount of information.

Danelec Marine’s newest generation of Light Voyage Data Recorders (L-VDRs) are non-mandatory systems, intended for vessels not required to implement a full VDR or a simplified VDR by regulations, but in need of responsible documentation of voyage related data towards third parties. Not only in fatal situations, but also in near-miss incidents at sea or during docking/departure
maneuvers. Moreover, Danelec Marine newest L-VDR systems provide the opportunity for monitoring the vessel for e ffcient ship management, as well as the benefits of ship-2-shore remote management solutions.
The DM100 L-VDR is built on the same proven platform as the IMO compliant DM100 VDR / S-VDR series, and provides the recording capabilities of a type-approved full VDR system without being connected to a fixed/fl oat-free capsule. With a DM100 L-VDR onboard your vessel, you get the essentials of a cutting edge data recording platform and cost e ffcient internet-of-things (IoT) infrastructure, logging 30 days of vital navigation and communication data with the ability to transfer and replay data in shore offices.

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