Netwave NW-4000 (S)VDR (End of Life)


*This product has reached end of life, but is still being supported. Reach out to a customer representative for more information and replacement products.*

Netwave NW-4000 (S)VDR System is part of a new generation of Ultra Compact (S)VDRs, designed with emphasis on cost-effective installation and ease-of-use. The NW-4000 System offers ship-owners dual benefits – a mandatory (S)VDR system plus a management system with tools and data to improve transparency of operational performance.

The Netwave NW-4000 (S)VDR is designed to be placed inside consoles to reduce cable laying. Faster & cost-effective installation benefits are coupled with Netwave’s WaveNet cabling technology, whereby power and data are transmitted over a single Ethernet cable, eliminating extensive and costly cabling requirements.

The flexible modular design and ease of installation enables the NW-4000 (S)VDR to efficiently replace older (S)VDR models which are end-of-life, have high service costs or are non-functional.


  • Fast Track Installation with single-wire WaveConnect, reducing cabling by 50%
  • Auto Configuring – reduces installation time and errors
  • Netwave-Designed Hardened Capsule with integrated storage server and network drive
  • Flexible Modular Design – ease of vessel integration and expansion
  • Service Friendly & Long-Term Savings – Power-over- Ethernet enables quick adaptor or interface changes
  • Versatile Monitoring – from the bridge, PC connectivity via RJ-45, and remote diagnostic options

Netwave NW-4000 (S)VDR System Components

  • NW-4800 HSS Hardened Storage Server with Protected Memory (capsule)
  • NW-4200 PSU Power Supply & Switch Unit
  • NW-4010 BCU Bridge Control & Alarm Unit
  • NW-4400 WIM WaveNet Interface Module
  • DCU Digital Connection Unit

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