Netwave NW-6000 VDR


On NOTICE: NW6000 VDR system has undergone a mid-life refresh during its re-certification program – now  incorporating Netwave’s new microphones and enhanced playback software (see details below in pdf: “Six Reasons to Install an NW-6000 VDR…..“)

The Netwave NW-6000 VDR (Voyage Data Recorder) Series is indicative of Netwave Systems’ commitment to manufacturing highly advanced new generation Voyage Data Recorders.  Its flexible design is easily adaptive to new build installations as part of IBS, or in retrofit applications, offering enhanced features.

The unique system architecture of Netwave’s VDR Systems, interconnect numerous ship components by a single Ethernet cable that also provides power and data, thus eliminating extensive and costly cabling requirements. This attribute typically reduces cabling costs by 50%!

The NW-6000 VDR System provides the smallest footprint, the most economical installation costs, unrivaled operational value due to added functionality, and is compliant with MSC 333(90). The system’s management tools and data features improve transparency in operational performance.


  • Remote Monitoring & Real-Time Management for fault diagnosis, status reports, and operational performance data
  • Versatile VDR Design – install in a 19” rack or bulkhead mounted casing; place inside the navigation console or against a flat surface
  • Netwave-Designed Fixed Capsule with integrated storage server and network drive
  • Camera Monitoring – video capture from key locations on the vessel, coupling full data access with live streaming camera recordings
  • Live Instant Replay Option – integrating with various IBS solutions for complete situational details

Netwave VDR and (S)VDR Systems Components:

  • NW-6860-1000 Fixed Capsule and NW-6880 Float free Capsule
  • NW-6000 Core Module
  • NW-6010 Bridge Control Unit
  • NW-64xx Data Acquisition Module
  • 6 x NW-6020/6021 microphones
  • NW-6060 VHF Interface

Join the 5500+ vessels that currently rely on Netwave VDR’s.

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