Dukane Series VDR Beacons


Mackay Marine  is a global distributor of Dukane Underwater VDR Acoustic Beacons – the current line-up includes: DK120, DKM502/90, and  Beacon Tester ATS270.

Acoustic beacons are attached to a ship’s VDR (Voyage Data Recorder) and activated in the event a vessel is submerged, after which the beacon will be the primary signal locator for a sunken ship.

Beacons are tested during the annual VDR survey inspection (VDR APT); and serve as a critical component of the VDR system concept; activated both in salt and fresh water.  Dukane VDR Beacons are warrantied from date of manufacture for the length of time specified by the respective beacon’s “Useful Life” (Battery Life).

For more details of individual Dukane beacons, see pdf specs below:

  • DK120 – Useful Life 6 yrs, 30 day min. Operating Life, FAA Authorized: TSO‐C121
    (NOTE: only authorized for use with VDR’s manufactured PRIOR to 2016)
  • DKM502/90 – Useful Life 3 years, 90 day min. Operating Life, Std Compliance: SAE AS8045A, IEC61996‐1, IEC‐61996‐2
  • ATS270 – Beacon-Tester

Also sourcing Dukane’s Underwater Marine Beacon Locators (applications include locating fish & lobster traps, container recovery and more)

  • DK470 – Container Lost & Underwater Recovery Beacon – Small, Low Cost Pinger (<500gm)
  • DK350L – Low-Cost Beacon with Lanyard , compact (3X 1.7 “),  9 volt Alkaline or Li replaceable battery

To determine which Dukane Acoustic Beacon is applicable for your specific VDR, please contact Mackay’s dedicated team at DukaneSales@mackaymarine.com
or call +1 954 431 7223.

Mackay Marine Awarded Dukane VDR Acoustic Beacon Worldwide Distributorship

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