Netwave PT9 Ninety VDR


It was the first and is now the first choice 90-day ULD. The Netwave PT9 Ninety VDR Beacon meets the requirements of IMO. A new formulated ceramic coating topped the already excellent corrosion protection. Hence the PT9 Ninety withstands the extreme environmental conditions on sea even longer. Approved in long term testing and guaranteed by Netwave.

Seawater-proof underwater locating device for installation on marine VDR capsules. The Netwave PT9 Ninety has been discharged to send a locating signal for at least 90 days in the case of being activated by water immersion. The new standard incorporates the applicable parts of the performance standards included in IMO Resolution MSC.333(90).

The PT9 Ninety‘s worldwide distributor network guarantees a fast availability on site. A self-contained lithium metal battery. Field replaceable and non-restricted for transport (UN3091/PI970). Meant for VDRs installed after July 1, 2014.



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