Cobham SAILOR SP3500 Series


The SP3510, 3515, and 3550 have all reached End of Life. The 3520, and the 3530, 3540, and 3560 VHF ATEX models are still available and serve as replacements.

The Cobham SAILOR SP3500 Series of UHF & VHF portable radios features seven high-quality, durable models specifically designed for marine use on all types of vessel including fishing, tanker, cargo or offshore, whilst at the same time offering superb value for your operation.

The Cobham SAILOR SP3500 Series offers a complete range of waterproof, ruggedized portable VHF and UHF radios for a multitude of applications including GMDSS and ATEX (intrinsically safe in hazardous environments and meeting SOLAS Marine Firefighter requirements – SEE UHF Sailor 3965 & Sailor 3650 product pages).

Out on deck, in high seas and driving rain, the fact that SAILOR SP3500 portables are made specifically for use at sea becomes quickly apparent. Already designed to fit comfortably in your palm, they are also
equipped with a ribbed grip that means, even with gloves on in wet conditions that there is no chance you will drop it. With large tactile buttons and control knobs combined with a user-friendly interface, on board communication could not be simpler. Every SAILOR SP3500 series portable also comes with a large, easy to read display with a red backlight to protect your night vision.

Portable Radio Series includes:

  • VHF Models:  SAILOR SP3510, SAILOR SP3515, SAILOR SP3520 & SAILOR SP3540 (GMDSS-approved) and SAILOR SP3530  (ATEX)
  • UHF Models:  SAILOR SP3550 & SAILOR SP3560  (ATEX)


  • Dual Watch, Tri Watch and Scanning
  • Robust design &Waterproof (IP67)
  • Large display
  • Clear sound
  • Large tactile buttons & Ribbed grip
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
  • Many accessories, such as SAILOR 3595 Hand Microphone

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