THOR 1 TP9000EX Fire Fighter

TP Radio

THOR 1 TP9000EX is intrinsically safe, ATEX and ICEx UHF and VHF  hand portable radio – mechanical robustness and our most advanced and best RX/TX module ever in a portable radio, makes this one of the best ATEX  portables on the market, with user friendly design and danish developed high quality audio performance.

Key Features

  • 2 Watt Output TX
  • Easy Programming
  • 16-Hours Battery life
  • IP67(Submersible)
  • High quality Audio


TP9000EX is a unique product which combines mechanical robustness and the latest state of the art radio technology into a Hand Held Radio with a user friendly design. The Radio is IP67 waterproof and can be used as the ultimate communication tool within chemical industries, fire brigades, emergency & rescue services, airports, off-shore industries, etc. As option a range of accessories such as Speaker Microphone, Push-to-Talk units, headsets from TP Radio, or other quality brands of ATEX equipment are available. GAS Protection: ATEX: II 2 G Ex ib IIC T4 / IECEx: Ex ib IIC T4 II (Electrical equipment for explosive gas atmosphere other than mines) 2G (zone 1) Ex ib (intrinsic safety) IIC (hydrogen/acetylene max 2W) T4 (135°C max. surface temp.)
Dust Protection: ATEX: II 2 D Ex ib IIIC T110°C / IECEx: Ex ib IIIC T110°C II (Electrical equipment for explosive gas atmosphere other than mines) 2D (zone 21) Ex tD (Dust) A21 (certified for dust zone 21 by IP rating) IP6x (IP rating zone 21) ib D21 (zone 21) T110°C (110°C max. surface temp.) Mining Protection: ATEX: I M2 EX ib I / IECEx: Ex ib II (Electrical equipment for mines) M2 (For mines – De-energised) EX (Explosion-proof equipment) ib (intrinsic safety) I (Methane)


SOLAS Chapter II-2, Regulation 10. 10.4

  • For ships constructed on or after 1 July 2014, a minimum of two two-way portable radiotelephone apparatus for each fire party for fire-fighter´s communication shall be carried on board
  • Those two two-way radiotelephone apparatus shall be of an explosion-proof type or intrinsically safe
  • Ships constructed before 1 July 2014 shall comply with the requirements of this paragraph not later than the first survey after 1 July 2018

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