Jotron Tron AIS SART


Jotron Tron AIS SART (Search & Rescue Transmitter) GMDSS, recently adopted by IMO RES MSC. 256 (84) as an alternative to 9GHz SART.  Employing AIS technology’s superior position with GPS precision accuracy, enhances effectiveness and quicker SAR operation.

The Jotron Tron AIS SART is now “Wheel Marked” in accordance with European Council Directive 96/98/EC with latest Commission Directive 2011/75/EU (7th amendment). Radar SART and the AIS-SART can now both be used as “Search and rescue locating devices” according to IMO SOLAS Amendment in Resolution MSC.256(84) giving the ship owner full freedom to choose either product as required by SOLAS Chapter III, Regulation 2.2.

The unique and innovative feature of the Tron AIS SART is the combination of its physical size and technical capability. The housing of the Tron AIS SART is identical to Jotron´s Radar-SART, type Tron SART20, – that is a total height of 251 mm and a weight of only 450g. Technically, the Tron AIS SART is based on the following principals; the unit will be programmed from the manufacturer with a unique ID code and receives its position via an internal GPS antenna. This data is combined and transmitted using the international AIS channels (AIS A and AIS B) in the maritime VHF band.


  • Tron AIS-SART detected on both AIS Class A and B
  • Position update every minute
  • Small and compact (16 oz, < 0.5kg)
  • Interchangeable accessories with Tron SART20 (Bulkhead bracket, pole, life-boat bracket, &protection bag
  • Up to 10 nm from SOLAS ship with AIS class A transponder
  • Up to 40 nm from SAR helicopter (altitude 1000 ft)
  • Up to 130 nm from a SAR aircraft (altitude 20000 ft)

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