McMurdo SmartFind S5A AIS-SART


The McMurdo SmartFind S5A AIS-SART (Search And Rescue Transmitter) is a radar-based emergency transmitter that is designed to be stored in a life-raft or as a carry-on device in the event it is necessary to abandon ship. When it detects an incoming X-band radar pulse from another vessel or aircraft it automatically transmits a response signal, which appears on the vessel’s radar display as a series of 12 dots pointing to your location.

Since 2010 the AIS-SART has been added to GMDSS** regulations as an alternative to a “Radar SART” and has been Wheel-marked since 2012. The AIS-SART includes a built-in GPS and transmits an alert message along with the vessel ID and GPS position via the AIS (Automatic Identification System) tracking system.  The alert appears on the an AIS-equipped vessel’s chart-plotter or ECDIS display instead of on the Radar.

Easy to operate and deploy; compactly stored in a highly visible quick release bag. The rugged McMurdo SmartFind S5A AIS-SART is buoyant and waterproof to a depth of 10m.  It can be wall mounted or packed inside the survival craft.  The AIS-SART is manually activated once inside the life-raft.


  • Buoyant and waterproof to 10m
  • Compact, lightweight and rugged
  • Meets IMO and GMDSS standards
  • Over 96 hrs continuous operation
  • LED indication of activation
  • Inbuilt test facility
  • Integral lanyard
  • Non hazardous battery
  • 6 year battery life

* The first generation McMurdo SmartFind S5 AIS-SART has been replaced by the SmartFind S5A (after minor modifications & packaging)

**A SART is part of the GMDSS mandated equipment package required by law for all commercial vessels over 300 tons, however many non-mandate vessels and leisure boats also choose to carry a SART to improve safety.

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