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The Pole Star SSAS Alert Advanced package offers the end user a complete and dedicated SSAS solution, integrating onboard hardware with the shore-based online management system.  It operates for both routine and specific incident monitoring, providing maritime crew & security team with real-time alerts and visibility of on-ship position and status.

Increased piracy attacks and terrorist incidents have elicited the need for improved ship security alert systems (SSAS).   Pole Star’s Alert Advanced SSAS system meets or exceeds all the requirements of the SOLAS* regulation XI-2/6 and associated performance standards, backed by Inmarsat’s renowned satellite network.

During a security alert, Alert Advanced provides you with essential situational awareness and decision-ready information. When the crew hit the panic button, the SSAS message is transmitted via the reliable Alert Advanced system to your designated recipients by email or SMS. Add, edit and delete recipients instantly, via the secure web-based application, without the need for a technician to go onboard. Alerts are fully customisable and can include a map, track-history, forecast weather and ship particular. In the event of a security situation, rapid response is vital. Fleet wide integration makes it possible to manage alerts in a single system irrespective of the make or manufacturer of the hardware installed aboard the vessel.


  • Manage fleet security with a proven reliable SSAS
  • Information security by limiting system access
  • Control data dissemination to designated recipients
  • Message Delivery Options: email, FAX, SMS, telex
  • Equipment tamper alarms
  • System Access also via mobile phone (Mini Map) for alerts, polling & vessel positions
  • Warning reports – low battery voltage
  • Manage security – integrated system on-board & remote management

Hardware Options Supported:
Pole Star DSAS Mk2 (see attached spec sheet): A self-contained unit comprised of an integrated Inmarsat IsatData Pro satellite transceiver, power management and back-up batteries.

SAILOR 6120 mini-C SSAS: A sealed, self-contained dual SSAS/LRIT terminal with an Inmarsat-C satellite transceiver, 50-channel GPS module and visible status LED’s.

SSAS System Integration with 3rd Party Equip.:

  •  Furuno Felcom15/16 SSAS
  • Satamatics OceanAlert (MkI/II)
  • Cobham SAILOR 3000SSA/6120 mini-C SSAS
  • Nera Mini-C SSAS
  • Transas Ship Guard SSAS

Please click the Pole Star SSAS pdf datasheet below for a full description, specifications, and features.

Contact Mackay’s Satellite Solutions Department at 919-850-3100, satserv@mackaycomm.com to discuss your marine communications’ requirements, Pole Star SSAS System pricing, and the satellite airtime package that best suits your application.

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