Danelec DM100 S-VDR G2 Simplified Voyage Data Recorder

danelec marine

Get ready to experience the latest in voyage data recording technology with Danelec’s DM100 S-VDR G2 – a cutting-edge solution designed specifically for maritime application. With high quality and reliability in a compact and lightweight design, the DM100 S-VDR G2 is easy to install and offers features that were once only available on standard VDRs.

The DM100 S-VDR G2 is a future-proof solution, as any new feature developed for the DM100 VDR G2 is automatically compatible with the DM100 S-VDR G2. Get the best in technology and ensure the safety and efficiency of your maritime operations with Danelec’s DM100 S-VDR G2.

Key Features:

  • Tailor-Made Conversion Kits
  • SofWare Advanced Protection (SWAP)
  • Remote Access Solution
  • VDR Explorer playback software

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