Yokogawa CMZ900 Series Gyro Compass


Yokogawa CMZ900 Series of Gyrocompasses offers several models to provide the right features set to the needs of the vessel.  All models have been type-approved to comply with IMO standards resolution & JIS-F9602 Class A standards.
CMZ900-B Gyrocompass for small vessels (smooth gyro changes without lag when small vessel changes course)

CMZ900-S Gyrocompass (+ Control Box with built-in monitor)- suitable for all merchant vessels, with various types of signal outputs are available.

CMZ900 -D  Dual Gyrocompass (+ Control Box + Dual AC Adaptor) - Highly reliable dual system,  switchover controls, multiple signal outputs, & enhanced integration

Key Features of CMZ900 Series:

  • Modular design saves space
  • Master Compass can include in autopilot steering unit
  • Serial data output for heading and ROT output
  • Manual and auto speed correction (900S & 900D)
  • Unique anti-vibration system
  • Small, lightweight container enhances follow-up speed

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