Calibration Service for Deckma Oil in Water Monitor and Content Meters


Mackay Marine is the North American authorized service agent for Deckma Hamburg’s 15ppm Oil in Water / Oil Content Monitors | Bilge Alarm Monitors.

LUMP SUM 15ppm Service Brochure (On-Board & Shop Calibration Options) Saves Time & Money!

Mackay Service Technicians repair All Deckma’s 15ppm Oily Water Monitors and are trained to provide the required periodic unit calibrations on the following products:

See the pdf link below for Complete Calibration Details for EACH Deckma Monitor, including Mackay Marine Service Calibration Turnaround Time, Fees, & Contact Information.

As mandated by IMO Regulations, calibration service is necessary if these units do not pass function tests & calibration checks. Depending upon the monitor, calibration can be done on-board or required to send the unit to our Mackay Service facility.

To speak with Mackay Marine’s Calibration Service Coordinator, contact Jennifer Ory at (504) 733-5824 or

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