Furuno CH (Searchlight) Sonar Series (CH250 CH300 CH500 CH600)


Read more about each product in the Furuno CH Sonar Series.

CH-250: is a revolutionary, high-performance searchlight sonar designed for a wide range of commercial fishing vessels. Fish and underwater objects are displayed on a compact color LCD screen. Target echoes are presented in 8 or 16 colors depending on the received echo strengths. The highest echo level is painted in red and next strongest echo in orange, and other colors follow with reducing echo levels. One of the echo strengths can be displayed in white to enhance the specific echo level. The background color may be customized for optimum viewing at day or night. An operating frequency can be selected from 60, 88 or 150 kHz.

CH-270: is a sophisticated new searchlight sonar designed for small fishing vessels and pleasure craft. Individual fish, fish schools and underwater objects are displayed on a 10.4″ color LCD. The echoes are displayed in 8 or 16 colors according to received echo strength; the strongest echoes are red and the weakest are blue. One echo can be displayed in white so that a specific echo level is highlighted. The background color is also selectable for optimal day and night viewability.

CH-300: is designed for a wide range of commercial or sport fishing vessels. Its operating frequency can be selected from either 60/153 or 85/215 kHz, and the transducers are incorporated in one soundome. The high frequency of 153 and 215 kHz gives a highly detailed search near and all around the vessel. The lower frequency 60 and 85 kHz enables long-range searches of over 500 m. With the advantages of both high and low frequencies, the CH-300 helps to search rough seabeds as well as greatly enhance fish school detection.

CH-500: is the first of its class to have integrated motion sensors. In rough seas, vessels tend to move in every direction. This movement can cause inaccurate target information to be displayed. The role of the integrated motion sensors is to precisely compensate for those negative effects and provide accurate data to the user.

CH-600: the value of the changed gain is instantly applied to the whole circle and all echoes are affected, allowing you to quickly react. With the Quick Gain Control, even in deep areas that slow down the scanning speed, there is no need to wait for the next passage of the searchlight and miss precious information. This new function is also extremely valuable if the sh are moving fast and need to be tracked rapidly.

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