Furuno FOIL200 Radar


The Furuno FOIL200 oil spill detection radar can be used in offshore and onshore with an existing X- band navigation radar.

The oil spill can be marked with polygons and update these, whenever it is required. The user can also take screenshots from the display and record the raw radar video to the external hard disc or memory stick for future evaluation or training purposes.

FOIL-200 oil spill detection radar is connected to standard Furuno FAR-2xx7 or FAR-3000 X-band navigation radar. It uses the raw radar video from the navigation radar. The special high performance algorithm is used to process and analyze the raw video to detect oil spills. To achieve the most efficient image to detect oil, you can change between different Fusion modes and see the result in real time on the screen. Oil spill image is created with an integration of up to 100 radar antenna scans. Generated image is based on motion compensated Fusion scans. Adjust the Fusion Scan number together with Fusion Mode.


  • Unique oil spill visualization
  • Manual and Automatic detection of oil spills
  • Advanced algorithms, forms a highly detailed picture
  • Detect oil up to 2 nautical miles away
  • Utilizing signal from an existing X-band radar
  • Independent easy-to-use stand alone installation
  • Very cost effective compared to existing systems on the mark

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