BlueTraker SSAS Arctic


The BlueTraker SSAS Arctic devices can cope with extremely low temperatures because of the unique heat element that is built into the device. This element continuously provides sufficient heat so that the device can operate without disturbance due to weather conditions.

The unique double-shell housing with a ventilated layer between is one of the solutions offered by BlueTraker SSAS Arctic to the challenge imposed by different weather conditions. Two shells give the device added protection against low and high temperatures and wind chill in low temperatures. The gap between the two housings acts like a thermal bridge which works as a vent when there are excessively high temperatures (when exposed to heat caused by sunlight). It also preserves the heat when a device is starting up after shut down (e.g. cold start) and when internal heating is enabled (if temperatures drop down to -20°C). The outer shell prevents fast-moving cold wind from hitting the inner shell housing, thus eliminating any wind chill factor.

Smart thermostatic temperature control enables successful “Cold State Power-up” at temperatures unthinkable before.

Special, arctic grade power supply cable ensures flexing and reliable operation even in severe cold environments.

Carefully selected stainless steel (EN1.4571) is used for the mounting accessory which is capable to withstand mechanical stress and vibration down to -50°C and more.

The BlueTraker SSAS Arctic is certified for operating at temperatures down to – 50°C.

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