Mackay Satellite Supports Disaster Preparedness, Rebuilding Efforts & Business Continuity with “Always On” Satellite Phones & Data Terminals to Ensure Communications

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Mackay Satellite has a committed and dedicated team to meet the ongoing demand for satellite communication equipment and airtime plans, particularly in the wake of major hurricanes in the US Gulf Coast and Caribbean and other regional natural disasters.  Initially supplying hurricane preparedness response teams and individuals; the efforts have decidedly ramped-up to support ongoing emergency relief, and community reconstruction efforts.

Emergency and post-disaster groups rely on fail-safe satellite connectivity to maximize rescue efforts, increase response time and safety, reduce community panic, while providing critical real-time situation updates. Fortunately, satellite phones are not affected by weather, loss of power or storm damage and can be relied upon when land and cell services are disrupted.  Even as the infrastructure comes back online, satellite services are often used as back-up for phone, data, and video communications for business continuity, healthcare, construction firms, and public safety.

Mackay has ample inventory and adapted airtime plans and system packages to meet the needs and expeditious timetable of emergency management, response & recovery crews, and business continuity applications.

During hurricane season, Mackay’s team sells or rents hundreds of satellite connectivity systems:

Mackay anticipates an ongoing need for reliable satcom systems throughout the rebuilding process due to any natural disaster such as hurricanes, wildfires, flooding, etc.  We’re fully prepared to supply all types of satellite phones, mobile and fixed data terminals, and push-to-talk systems; complete with satellite airtime packages, to meet unique customer requirements.

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Our team will outfit your organization with the tools needed to ensure connectivity, regardless of location or conditions.

*BGAN – Broadband Global Area Network, Inmarsat I-4 Systems


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