JRC JFS-280 Omni-Directional Sonar


The JRC JFS-280 Sonar provides high-definition images covering 32 color video output with a sharp 19-inch high resolution LCD (1280 x 1024 pixels). Additionally, the JFS-280 clearly displays the distribution and density of a fish school. You can select the most suitable mode according to your operation condition. It also have a five optimum fish types are preset in the IMAGE knob. You can select the suitable operation simply by turning the knob. The high-precision stabilizer function installed in this compact sonar ensures tracking of a target fish school even in rough seas.


Following its successful predecessor, the new JFS-280 has a greatly improved detection range and crisp images using the newly designed transducer and transceiver utilizing the latest digital technologies. The transducer is 1.4x larger and range expanded to 2000 meter. The JFS-280 also includes a manual and an automatic tilt function (-5° to 60°) to vertically scan for a school of fish. With a single press of the button you can activate automatic tracking of a fish of school. The tilt angle is continuously adjusting to the target as the ships moves forward.

Display Modes

The JFS-280 make your sonar images more brilliant than ever with a sharp 19-inch high resolution LCD display. You can set the motion to head up or north up (sensors required) and you can show the sonar image as normal, full, split screen or off center mode, which is approx. 1.5x the normal range. With the SXGA resolution and 32 color video output, it shows detail image on screen. With a single press of a button, you can save a single screenshot in the system memory. Input a CF card to take and save multiple screenshots. On the same CF card, you can save and import setting to match a type of fish and fishing method, while you are fishing.


  • Stainless steel dome transducer with a strong anti-corrosion feature, contributing to a reduction of maintenance cost
  • Safety design that automatically stores the transducer when the vessel speed exceeds the specified level
  • Hoisting unit designed to shut down the power immediately at abnormality

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