Simrad ARGUS X-Band Radar

Simrad ARGUS X-Band Radar Pro-Series is a new series of enhanced X-band radars providing mariners with improved detection capability. The new configuration benefits include reduced weight, small dimensions and compact electronics, enabling detection solution for both commercial and small High Speed Crafts.

The Simrad ARGUS radar is a new series of improved X-band radars which provide mariners with even better detection capability. The new configuration is characterized by reduced weight, small dimensions and compact electronics thereby offering the proper solution for installation even on small High Speed Crafts.
The Simrad ARGUS radars fully complies and exceeds IMO regulations. Thanks to the modular design, they can be either assembled to form a stand-alone display cabinet or be flush mounted into a mechanical bridge console. The standard configuration always includes full ARPA, AIS and an electronic builtin Inter-switch for dual radar installations.
The SIMRAD ARGUS system introduces some key features that tackle the problem of piracy of the merchant fleet and yachts. By utilizing Broadband Radar’s* close range performance and zero radiation, fleet owners can build an anti-piracy system into the navigation display. Pirates typically attack vessels underway and at night from behind to avoid being seen on the Navigational radar. They very often approach in small skiffs hard to detect in-between waves with 4-8 pirates on board. Sometimes with two – three boats together and using a Mother ship as base. So far evasive ship maneuvers seem to be the best action hindering boarding and an attack can last several hours before giving up. Pirates are also attacking while ships are at anchorage.
Navigational Radars are typically mounted in front of smokestacks and are therefore focused forward looking. The sheer size of the scanner prevents mounting in strategic places. The ARGUS has the ability to merge two high powered antennas to find small targets in-between ocean waves, display long and short range simultaneously and zoom in on and track suspicious targets. The ARGUS also has the ability to integrate Broadband Radar and display Pulse and Broadband simultaneously in one single display overview with uncompromising IMO performance.


  • State of the art IMO approved X-band and S-band radars
  • Available in 12, 25, and 30kW versions
  • Separate processor, monitor and operation panel
  • Superior signal processing
  • FMCW scanner integration
  • Seamless use of up to four antennas
  • Widescreen color monitor options
  • Optional Advanced Oil Spill and Ice Detection (OSID) Software

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