Cobham SAILOR Fleet One (Handset Optional)


Cobham SAILOR Fleet One Marine Satellite Terminal is Cobham Satcom’s newest entree into the smaller vessel communications marketplace. The SAILOR Fleet One broadband terminal is designed to the same high quality standard as the SAILOR’s FleetBroadband product line, connecting via Inmarsat’s reliable I-4 satellite network, used by the world’s leading ship operators.

The benefit of SAILOR’s Fleet One compact and low cost antenna and below-decks unit, is that it’s specifically suited to smaller vessels such as commercial fishing and transport vessels, leisure & other smaller crafts, to provide reliable regional data and global voice communications.

The benefits of broadband connectivity can now be accessed by all mariners, once only afforded by major shipping firms.  Eliminating the concern about cellular coverage and enables reliable access to email, text, current weather reports, Internet, etc.


  • Simultaneous voice & IP data up to 100kbps
  • Compact, easy-to-install, low-cost antenna
  • Flexible & Reasonably Priced Airtime Plans
    • Seasonal options, pre-paid & post-paid plans
    • Coastal or global voice* & data service
  • 505 Emergency Calling
  • Wi-Fi to connect smart phones and tablets*
  • Reliable service – ave. satellite network availability exceeds 99.9 %
  • Handset Accessory Option – extends flexibility

Download the most recent OCT. 2021 Firmware for Cobham FleetOne & FleetBroadband

 or for more terminal details and pre-paid & post-paid airtime plan options to suit your communications’ needs.

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