YDK (Yokogawa) PT500 Autopilot Series (End of Life)

YDK (Yokogawa)

*This product has reached end of life, but is still being supported. Reach out to a customer representative for more information and replacement products.*

The recommended replacement and upgrade for the PT500 is YDK PT900 Autopilot

Yokogawa PT500 Autopilot Series has superior operability and functionality, and is suitable for  use on a wide range of vessels, from large tankers to small freighters and high speed boats.  System is  easily adaptable to any type of steering gears and actuator.

The follow-up steering and non follow-up steering systems are completely independent of each other. Consequently, an abnormality in one system has no effect on the other system. Also, the control systems on the automatic and hand steering units are independent of each other.

The course setter has a dial (25 degrees/rotation), and the set course indicator uses a readily visible red LED. The function keys use easy-to-understand pictorial characters in order to minimize the possibility of a mis-operation.

Available in two, distinct with respect to the method of automatic steering, enabling you to choose which is suitable for your vessel.

Key Features

  • Enhanced reliability– independent & separated steering system functions
  • High operability minimizes human error (course setter, pictorial function keys, LED)
  • Expandable system – due to use of separate unit for each function

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